Black Sesame Sliced Bread 黑芝麻方包 (Utane Dough 湯種)

An easy recipe for a soft sliced bread, using the Japanese Utane Dough Method. Bread made using this method is especially soft and can stay fresh longer than the normal bread.


Making The Utane Dough

The Utane Dough has to be made the night before, or at least a few hours before your bread baking. It only takes 5 mins. Please see my post in this link for more details.

Baking the Bread

The next day (or a few hours later) when you are ready to make the bread, bring the Utane Dough from fridge to room temperature. Then follow the below blog page:

  • Bread flour 330g
  • Utane Dough (room temp)  60g
  • Milk (room temp) 160-170ml
  • Egg  (room temp)  20g
  • Sugar  30g
  • Malt Extract (or honey)  5g
  • Salt  4g
  • Butter  30g
  • Instant dry yeast  3g
  • (optional) Grinded sesame  20g
  • (optional) Slightly water/wine soaked raisins  50-60g

Also see my post on “How to test if your bread dough is ready?

My Tips

I used honey to replace 天然麥芽精 mentioned in this site and added about 20g of grinded sesame (optional). Instead of sesame, you can also add about 50g of raisins (I soak them in water for 10 mins and drain all water before use).

To allow better fermentation, I heat a bowl of water in my microwave for about 2-3 mins. Then put the bowl of bread dough inside the microwave (without cover) to allow a moist and warm environment. Works perfect even in winter time. If you don’t have a microwave at home, you can do the same with a covered big bowl or a big wok.


Do not slide your bread until the loaf is completely cool off.  Usually take at least 45 mins.  Otherwise, water will vaporize to quickly and your bread will become dry!

Before the second fermentation.
After the second fermentation.
After baking for 40 mins under 200C or 390F.  Hurray!
Can also make bread with raisins instead.




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