Miso Salmon 三文魚西京燒

My favourite way to cook salmon or black cod fish. Prep time only takes 5 mins the day before, and 5-10 mins before meal.

Cooked Salmon

This is my favourite way to cook salmon or black cod (most yummy but also much more expensive) fish at home. It is quick and easy but taste really good!



4 pieces of salmon fillets

Sauce for Marination

2 Tbsp white miso
1 Tbsp sake or white wine
1 Tbsp mirin
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1/4 tsp sesame oil
You can get any brand of 西京白みそ (white miso) at CitySuper/Sogo/AEON supermarket. You can also get mirin from any Japanese supermarket.

Steps (the day before cook)

Prepare the fish. I usually buy them from Marks and Spencer (HK$109 for 2) or frozen ones from IKEA (HK$119 for 4). Otherwise, make sure you remove scales and/or skin, wash and pad dry with paper towel before use. Note : I personally hate unscaling the fish skin as it is so much work and make my whole sink dirty.
IKEA Salmon are farmed in Norway with ASC Certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). This standard means responsible aquaculture and is an environmental standard that stipulates strict requirements as to how fish are farmed and requires documentation concerning laws and regulations, biodiversity, fish welfare, the genetic integrity of wild populations, responsible feeding, control of fish diseases and that our suppliers meet critical and essential criteria in the standard.


Fresh but more expensive salmon from M&S.


Marinate the fish

Put all marinate sauce ingredients into a zipper bag. Use your fingers to massage the sauce to mix it well. Then add fish to the bag (if you bought the frozen salmon from IKEA, you can just put the frozen one in at this point) and massage a bit to ensure all surface of fish are covered by sauce. Zip the bag and put it in fridge over night (the frozen salmon will also defrost over night).

Steps (the day of cooking)

Slightly oil a flat pan. Gently squeeze the fish out of the bag to remove excess sauce, as the sauce will burn easily. Using low to medium heat pan fry each side of the fish for about a min. Sprinkle some sesame or chopped green onion on top of fish (optional) and serve.

Credit of this recipe to the below website:


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