Happy Dog Training! No Pain! No Fear!

Positive Reinforcement Training is the way to go!! No forcing or kicking or beating the dogs!

Mochi, HorLok and their best friend Whiskey having happy positive training with treats

So what does “Positive” mean?? The below diagram gives you a quick summary.

Credit of this diagram goes to Doggie Drawings.

How is it different?

Some people train dogs by force and fear, saying that the dogs will obey you when you become their dominance leader.  But this is not true because this dominance theory (‘alpha dog’, ‘top dog’, ‘pack leader’) was based on the fact that dogs were originated from wolf packs.  In fact, dogs are domestic animals, the best human companions and friends.  They are very different from wolves. Therefore, stop yelling to, kicking or beating your dogs, hoping that they will one day obey your command.  You are only introducing fear (and perhaps even aggression) and breaking the trust.  Instead, use Positive Reinforcement methods!

How to train dogs with positive reinforcement methods?

Please see the bottom of my previous post “Dogs Gestures and Language” for a list of free resources and training schools.

For more details on Positive Reinforcement, see this page from “Positively” by Victoria Stilwell.



  1. Ok so you are correct in certain aspects of this article. Yes positive reinforcement training methods are the way to go in order to build a trusting, loving bond between your pet and yourself. However I would like to weigh in on the part of a dog being not related to wolves. In its simplest form the dog is very closely related to wolves just as humans have been said to being related to the ape/monkey.

    What I mean by this is that although dogs are domesticated, there are certain aspects in their genes that relate them to the wolf. When someone is talking about being a “pack leader” they are not meaning to forcing the dog into submission. What this means is giving your dog someone that they can trust to take care of them. From bringing food and water to them, to being that “pack leader” to ensure that they will not be harmed.

    A dog has the desire to obey, love and such but they also have genetics that come out to where they want to hunt/scavenge. The key thing is that no matter how you look at whether they are related to wolves or not, your number one goal should be to have a bond between yourself and your dog based on love, loyalty and respect.

    Thank you for the article because it was pretty much thoughtful on how to explain positive reinforcement training.

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    • Thank you so much for nominating me! 😀 How did you find my blog page? It will take me a little while to answer your questions and nominate others, but I will do it.
      Have a question for you though, how come you have 2 sets of 11 questions to answer? Cheers.


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