Try to Drink Less Plastic 試吓飲少啲膠 (1)

Recent research shows that when we drink from plastic bottles, we might be drinking plastic as well. Is this something we can avoid? 最近有報道指出用膠樽裝的水,好大機會有膠質在水中,到底有沒有辦法避免呢?

This is the news reported by BBC.  This report has reinforced my thinking that plastic is no good for food/drinks.  So I have decided to cut down on plastic containers as much as I can.  我決定盡可能少用塑膠器皿裝水。


Step One

First thing I did was to replace my home plastic water pots with glassware.  第一可以做的就是把家中的膠水樽換成玻璃樽。

I have used this plastic bottles for a few years.  You can see the white water residue at the pouring mouth.  用了幾年的膠水樽,樽蓋和樽口有明顯白色水漬。
I like this one from IKEA ($9.9 each) because the opening is wide enough that I can put my hand inside to wash.  I have put a rubber band around the glass bottle to prevent slipping.  這個樽在IKEA買的,只需$9.9. 我喜歡這個因為樽口夠闊,可以成隻手放進去洗樽。我把一條橡筋箍在玻璃樽外可以防滑。

Step Two

To replace my plastic water kettle with stainless steel one.  再把水壺換不鏽鋼的。



The interior of this Japan branded Imarflex water kettle is totally made by stainless steel. 日本伊瑪牌這個型號的內膽是全不鏽鋼的。


  1. I too am trying to get rid of plastic bottles as much as possible. For me it is also very much a health issue as plastic bottles are very bad for health. I hope you will be posting more user this topic. I will look forward to those posts.

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    • Yes yes, I have draft posts of this topic in my draft folder for a little while now. Just having too many things I want to post and have not get around to it yet. ;b Thanks a lot!


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