All Natural Soup Base for Noodles or Vege 無化學添加的湯底

Stop eating chemicals! Compare the different brands of food and pick the one with the most content of natural ingredients! 食少D味精啦!

In the past

I used to buy Swanson chicken broth as soup base in the past but I have realized it has loads of chemicals as ingredients! So I looked everywhere to find substitutes.  以前我經常用史雲生清雞湯做湯底,後來發現佢勁多化學成份,於是周圍搵代替品。

E621, E631, E627!!

What I found in City Super

Found these Youki natural Japanese fish or shrimp or chicken granules in City Super at $58 per bottle.  終於在CitySuper找到的無化學添加魚粉,蝦粉和雞粉。$58一樽。

Just dissolve one teaspoon per person into water to make soup. This is much better than using the chemical seasoning which comes with the noodles package.  一人份量只要用一茶匙份量加水就可以做湯底了。
City Super also have other all natural fish and seaweed stock packs. Just put a pack in boiling water to make soup base.  那裏還有其他鰹魚昆布湯包賣。放一包在水中煮就可以了。

What I found in Park and Shop/Taste/Fusion

Found the below organic soup. I usually buy them at discount at $19.8 per pack. Very good value for money!  在百佳可以買到這種有機低鈉雞湯,減價時$19.8 一包,非常抵買。



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