Amazing Giant Sculpture Made by Plastic Bottles 奇妙的循環再用膠樽創作

Here are some of the greatest upcycled plastic bottle creations. 想同大家分享幾個偉大的循環再用膠樽創作

img_6158A million plastic bottles are sold every minute around the world, but less than half were being recycled, and all the rest are entering landfills and oceans! They will stay there for hundreds of year without decomposing.  So what else can be done with all these non-biodegradable plastic bottles? Some talented artists have turned them into amazing artwork!


Giant Fish Sculpture in Brazil Rio Beach 在巴西里約海灘的巨型魚雕塑

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Created in 2012 as part of the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development.   It was the third international conference on sustainable development aimed at reconciling the economic and environmental goals of the global community.


Plastic Bottle Canopy 膠樽頂篷

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A beautiful parking canopy might seem like a odd contradiction, but this was exactly what designer Garth Britzman has installed in 2012.  What’s even more amazing was that this canopy was made with 1,581 recycled soda bottles. He made use of the flower like shape at the base of the bottle by partially filling them with coloured liquid.

“一個美麗的停車篷”聽起來很矛盾,但這個由設計師 Garth Britzman 臨時安裝就是這樣,更重要的是用1,581個回收膠樽製成,他把彩色液體裝入樽底,形成一朵朵的花。

Life-sized Whale Sculpture in Bristol 在布里斯托爾的實物原大的鯨魚雕塑

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A sculpture of two life-sized whales, made from Somerset willow and 70,000 old plastic bottles was exhibited in Bristol in 2015.  The artwork, named The Bristol Whales, was installed in Millennium Square to mark the city’s status as European Green Capital. It represents the threat of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, particularly plastic bags and food and drink packaging.




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