Try to Drink Less Plastic 試吓飲少啲膠 (2)

a million plastic bottles per minRecent research shows that when we drink from plastic bottles, we might be drinking plastic as well. Is this something we can avoid? 最近有報道指出用膠樽裝的水,好大機會有膠質在水中,到底有沒有辦法避免呢?

This is the news reported by BBC.  This report has reinforced my thinking that plastic is no good for food/drinks.  So I have decided to cut down on using plastic bottles, cups, spoons and straws.  See Part 1 of what I did to start cutting down.


A Million Bottles Per Minute 每分鐘一百萬個膠樽

Worldwide facts, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute. This is expected to increase by 20 percent by 2021 and reach more than half a trillion plastic bottles sold every year by 2020. Less than half of the plastic bottles purchased in 2016 were recycled, and only 7 percent were made into new bottles.  By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

全世界每分鐘賣出一百萬個膠樽.  預計到2021年這個數字將增加20%,到2020年每年銷售的膠樽數量將超過50萬億!  2016年購買的膠樽中不到一半被回收,只有7%被回收製成新樽.  到了2050年,海洋中的塑膠料數量會比魚更多。

What can we do? 我們可以做什麼呢?

  1. STOP Buying bottled water and Bring your own water bottle and cups.  I love my Tiger Brand stainless steel thermal bottle, they are light weighted without any water leakage in my bag.  You can find them in any Japanese department stores.  出街時帶自己的水樽和水杯,唔好再買樽裝水。我最愛老虎牌的不銹鋼保溫瓶,它又輕又不漏水。你可以在任何一家日本百貨公司找到。
  2. Download “waterforfree” app, it will show you where you can find the nearest free water source in HK.  安裝”撲水app“就搵到最近的斟水機啦.
  3. If you have to buy a drink while you are out, buy the drinks in paper packs or stainless steel bottles.  In the worst case if you have to buy plastic bottled drinks, make sure you recycle them.  如果你在外出時不得不購買飲料,請購買紙包裝或不銹鋼瓶裝的飲料。如果真的不得不購買膠樽裝飲料,用完請確保把它們拿去回收箱啊。


I bought these Ultra light weight bottles. They only weight like an iPhone!! 我買了這些超輕量級的瓶子, 同一個iPhone差不多重.
Other than extra light weight, I also like the fact that I can detach all the parts for cleaning in this model. 除了勁輕之外,我還喜歡它可以把所有的部件拆出進行清潔。

Finally, you can also find other plastic free products in Plastic-Free HK online shop.



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