How Kids Should/Should Not Interact with Dogs

Kids and dogs can be great buddies if they were introduced correctly and be trained to treat each other with respect.

On top of my other post about understanding Dog Gestures and Languages, here are two excellent posters explaining how kids should and should not interact with dogs. Very different than human, dogs uses other ways to communicate their signs of stress and aggression with each other. For example looking straight into their eyes or padding their heads can be viewed as aggressive behaviors. Most dogs hated to be hugged or kissed by strangers, as putting a face so close to them is threatening. Also, the golden rule of thumb is to wait for the dog to goto you (or your kid), rather than to chase after the dogs.

You can train your dogs with “Positive Reinforcement Trainings“.

How kids should not interact with dogsHow kids should interact with dogs

Credit of these posters goes to Dr Sophia Yin. There are lots of useful training materials on her site.



  1. I’ve always been afraid of dogs especially Nd never wanted any of my younger kids around them. But you make some great points. I have a few teens now who are quite comfortable with dogs now despite how I was. It’s nice to see and at times I do wish I’d a learned early on not to be afraid.

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    • Thanks so much for sharing!!! Every dog has a different character (just like kids). My poodle is a lot friendlier than my Yorkie. Whenever they meet my friends or neighbors who are afraid of dogs, I always ask them to try to interact with my poodle first (take baby steps, no need to rush). Now even those friends who used to be afraid of dogs are not afraid of my poodle. So itโ€™s often good to start with the easy ones and slowly you can overcome. When your kids want to go pad someoneโ€™s dog, always ask their owners if they can be touched or not. Their owner know best of their characters. Respect each other is the key. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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