Say Meow with the Train Station Master Cat

Japan is a country full of cute things. One of the tourist attractions near Wakayama (和歌山) is to visit the train stationmaster (貓駅長) calico cats at the “Kishi station”. Their names are “Tama” and “NiTama”.

Traveling in Japan

As I am a big fan of traveling in Japan, I am going to start introducing some interesting things and places to my blog readers.

Station-Master Cats 🐱 貓駅長

“Tama” was the first stationmaster cat who has served her duty from 2007 to 2015. It was such a big hit for the station. Thousands of tourists went to visit her every year. Numerous cute products and multiple photo books were published. After “Tama” passed away, her stationmaster responsibility was passed onto “NiTama” (which means Tama the 2nd Stationmaster).

“NiTama” on duty!

The train station building looks like a cat too.

Loads of Tama souvenirs.

Kashigawa Train Line 貴志川線

On this train line, there are a few themed trains including the Tama cat theme, toys theme, plum theme and strawberries theme.

The “toys” themed train.
There are Capsule Toys Vending Machines on this train!

The “Tama” themed train.

Plan your visit

Please check out the this website to see “NiTama” service days and time before you visit. You don’t want to visit her during her day offs (usually Wed and Thur). 😂

How to get there?

Take JR train from Shin-Osaka to Wakayama Station – 1 hour

Or from Osaka Station to Wakayama Station – 1 hour 15-30 mins

Then take train from Wakayama station to Kishi station – 30 mins

Google Map Location of Kishi Station



    • Wow! I am so honored!! Thank you so so so much for your nomination. Really appreciated! 😘😘
      Please allow me sometime to answer your questions. Hope that’s ok. 😊


    • In Japan, many trains running to some tourist locations have special themes. They run on set days and time. It’s a big hobby for train lovers to travel all the way to see them and ride on them. There are many collectibles items too. Big market in Japan. But then most of the city trains may not have themes but many people are fascinated with their different models. Perhaps I can write a post about it in the future. 😊

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