Animal Safari – Wildlife Theme Park in Shirahama 白浜(2)

Do you want to feed a giraffe 🦒? How about Safari to see 30 kinds of animals within 30 mins?

Shirahama 白浜

About 3.5 hours drive (by bus or train) from Osaka, Japan, is a lovely town Shirahama. There are many attractions there. I am introducing here some of the key places in that area. See my first post about Pandas 🐼.

Animal Safari in Adventure World

As per my last post, this theme park is a must go for all animal lovers. The park entrance fee has included a train ride (25 mins) or walking tour (50 mins or more, depending how fast you walk) in the Safari. You can also upgrade to use other means such as cycling or other vehicles.

Within this tour, you will see about 30 different kinds of herbivores and carnivores. Again I am amazed at the activity level of all the animals there. Plus, they are not being confined in a small cages.

If you take the walking tour, you might be able to touch some of the animals (not the meat eaters). With a small fee, you can even feed the giraffe. These giant animals are very gentle. They take your food with their tongues.

Our train roaming through the Safari. Perhaps human are being displayed to the animals 😂.
A woman and child walking through the Safari.

The Big Ones!

Elephants not being caged or chained during the day. 👍🏻

My Favorite Cheetah!

My first time to see Buffalo fighting!!

Do you know what are these?

Capybara – a mammal native to South America. It is the largest living rodent in the world. Love their cute looking face.
Malayan tapir, also called the Asian tapir, is the largest of the five species of tapir and the only one native to Asia. It is one of the endangered spices. Mostly due to threats by human including deforestation for agricultural purposes, flooding caused by the damming of rivers for hydroelectric projects, and illegal trade.

Lots and lots of mountain goats

Park details, opening hours and how to get there?

Please see the bottom of my previous post.



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