Exotic Ocean Animals – Wildlife Theme Park in Shirahama 白浜(3)

I got to stand right next to a polar bear 😱!! I think I prefer the cute penguins 🐧 and dolphins 🐬.

Shirahama 白浜

About 3.5 hours drive (by bus or train) from Osaka, Japan, is a lovely town Shirahama. There are many attractions there. I am introducing some of the key places in that area.

Adventure World

As per my last two posts, this theme park is a must go for all animal lovers. This will be my last post about Adventure World.

See my first post here about Pandas 🐼.

And my second post about animals Safari in the park.

Animal Shows

There are two animals show theaters in the park. Their shows are full of actions, sometimes there can be more than one performance happening at the same time by multiple animals (more than 10 dolphins 🐬). You would not be bored for sure. As soon as you enter the park, be sure to check their show times and plan accordingly. Don’t miss them!

Other than watching dolphins performing, you can also stand right next to their pools.

Who wouldn’t love cute penguins 🐧.

So much fun just to watch them walking and swimming around.

Exotic Ocean Animals! OMG!! I got to stand right next to a polar bear!

Wow! Owl! 🦉


Horse riding

Rides for kids and youths

Park details, opening hours and how to get there?

Please see the bottom of my previous post.



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