About Me


Hello, welcome to my Blog! I enjoy cooking and eating, love to travel and to share my experience with friends.  Also love nature, animals, cute things and all the beautiful creation of God.

歡迎來到我的網頁! 我喜歡食嘢、煮嘢、焗嘢、旅行、欣賞大自然、動物和所有神所做的美麗事物。在這裏希望和大家分享一些開心的生活點滴。


My Motto 我的格言

What a person sees and hears everyday becomes his thinking, his thinking becomes his behaviors, his behaviors becomes his habits, his habits becomes his character, his character becomes his destiny. Therefore if you want to become a certain kind of person, start with what you read and listen everyday.  Therefore choose wisely.一個人每日看到的和聽到的會變成他的思想,思想變成行為,行為變成習慣,習慣變成性格,性格變成命運。所以你想成為一個怎麼樣的人,就要由每日所看的和聽的開始選擇。

Here is a post on why I choose this as my motto.

Note :  Some of this blog page will be written in either English or Chinese, you can always use the google translate button on my Home page to translate into your language.

註 : 這個網站的一部分內容將以英文或中文書寫,但你可以使用我主頁上的Google翻譯按鈕翻譯成你的的語言。