Dogs Playtime with Yummy Snacks!

Toy with treats: no dog can resist!

My dogs love their toys with treats inside.  This is a great way for them to burn some of their energy, to learn and to obey.  Ask them to do a few tricks before you give them the toys.  Don’t just give them treats as they will get fat soon!

Look at Mochi and HorLok’s funny gesture. They are always excited and looking forward to this afternoon moment everyday.

Do you know if your dogs are happy or stressed? Interested to understand what their gestures mean? See my previous Doggie Language post.

Their Kong toys 🙂

It comes with different size and soft/hard for different dogs.
Mochi can spend half and hour on it everyday! After this is his nap time. 😉
HorLok usually takes 10 mins to finish his.


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